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Current work: Rhos on Sea Coastal Defence Improvements

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This is Phase 2b of the Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project which has been improving coastal defences and public spaces along the Bay of Colwyn coast since 2011.

We are improving the coastal defences by importing approximately 1 million tonnes of sand to place in front of the existing seawall. This will protect the seawall and the properties and infrastructure behind it from the continued threat of the sea and accepted climate change levels.

The imported sand will form the primary sea defence along this section of the coast, while also being an attractive beach to enjoy at all times of the tide.

The coastal works also include extending a number of outfalls down to the lower beach, and modifying a rock groyne next to Rhos Harbour. The finished groyne will be higher and wider, and will have a new arm added to create a fish tail design.

The scheme also includes improvements to the promenade, widening it to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists and upgrading the street furniture and lighting. We are adding play and recreation spaces, shelters, planters, public art and event spaces.


The total cost of the project is £20m. The work is 85% funded through the Welsh Government’s Coast Risk Management Programme, with Conwy County Borough Council funding the remaining 15%.


Contact us

You can find more information and the latest updates at:

  • Alun Griffiths Construction website:
  • The site compound notice board on West Promenade

If you have concerns about this construction work, please contact:

If you need more information about the project, please contact the Environment, Roads & Facilities Advice Team on or call 01492 575337.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the beach be closed?

Sections of the beach will need to be closed to the public at various times to allow the work to be done safely. The specific areas which are closed will change regularly as the work progresses. We will provide updates on the site noticeboard and the Council’s website and social media.

Can pedestrians and cyclists still use the promenade?

Some sections of the promenade will be closed off to allow the construction work to take place safely. We will minimise this disruption as far as safety allows, and provide a safe diversion route will be provided.

There will be a route for pedestrians and cyclists along the bottom of Cayley Embankment.

Where is the sand coming from and how will it get to the beach?

The sand will be dredged from a designated quarry site in Liverpool Bay, just beyond the wind farms. When the dredger enters the bay it will dock at the end of a 1.5km long pipe. About two thirds of the pipe will be sitting on the sea bed, and one third of it will be floating out at sea to allow the ship to dock to it. The dredger will then pump the sand onto the beach through the sand delivery pipe, and tracked excavators will spread the sand out to the correct level.

What’s happening with the kiosks?

We have secured funding to replace the existing kiosks with modern facilities. We are working closely with our contractors and the tenants of the existing kiosks to keep them open for as long as possible before they are demolished.

The locations of the new kiosks are shown on the plan numbered 11 and 12.

How will this affect parking?

The parking spaces on this section of West Promenade will not be available during the work, as this road will closed.

How will this affect traffic?

During the construction work all traffic will be diverted up and over the top of the Cayley embankment.

How will this affect public transport?

There should not be a significant impact on public transport as the section of promenade which will be closed is not on a regular bus route.

What’s happening with the proposed road layout?

We will carry out further public consultation on the final road layout over the next few months. We will provide updates on our website and on the site noticeboard.

Why are you starting this work in the summer?

The scheme will take 12 months to complete, which means that we would be working through one summer season whenever we started work. There are also practical and environmental reasons for carrying out the beach nourishment work over the summer, such as the needing calm seas, and avoiding the overwintering birds season. We expect the new promenade to be ready and open in summer 2023.

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