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Wi-Fi, computers and printing in libraries

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Using Wi-Fi in libraries

Our libraries offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi. Find your local library.

To use the Wi-Fi you need to:

  • Connect to the wireless network called AmDdim_Conwy_Free
  • You should see a welcome page with an option to Login with Facebook or Register
  • You will only need to register once by entering an email address
  • If the welcome page does not appear automatically, open a browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer) and visit any web page

Using computers in libraries

We provide free access to Windows computers for browsing the internet or for accessing software such as Microsoft Office. We also provide access to assistive software such as Boardmaker on a limited number of computers.

Library membership is required to use library computers.

Most libraries have computers that are available without booking, but computers can be booked in advance by contacting the library.

Printing, copying, scanning

You can print, and scan using library computers. Our larger libraries also provide photocopying services.

You can print from the internet or bring in a USB stick with files on it to plug in to a library computer, or a photocopier.

Printing and copying charges.

Filtering on public computers and Wi-Fi

Internet access via library computers and Wi-Fi is subject to a level of filtering. In line with our Acceptable Use Policy we only block access to internet sites or pages if a website:

  • publishes illegal material
  • publishes material of a racist or homophobic nature
  • publishes material we deem pornographic or excessively violent

We do reserve the right to block any website we choose.

Our internet access is filtered by third parties; however, we can ask for a site or page to be unblocked when you access it from one of our library computers.

If you feel we're blocking a website we shouldn't, contact us at

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