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How to appeal a penalty charge notice (parking fine)

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If you’ve been given a parking fine (penalty charge notice) that you think is incorrect, you can challenge it by following these steps.
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You have the right to challenge a penalty charge notice (parking fine) if you think it was issued incorrectly.

Step One - Informal Challenge

Contact us to tell us why you think the penalty charge is incorrect. You can do this:

  • on this website using the online form:


Make sure that you include the penalty charge notice number and your name and address on all correspondence. You can also include photographs and documents to support your challenge.

If you make a challenge within 14 days, we will put your penalty charge on hold until we respond. This means that if we don’t accept your challenge, you can still pay at the discounted rate.

If you write after the 14 day discounted period, you are liable for the full amount if your ticket is not cancelled.

We will reply to you and let you know if we have accepted your challenge or not.

  • If we accept it, we will cancel the charge.
  • If we reject your challenge, you can accept this and pay the charge, or make a formal appeal (see Step Two).


Step Two - Formal Appeal

If we don’t accept your challenge, you can make a formal appeal (also known as formal representations).

To do this, you will need to complete a Notice of Owner form (NtO). We send this out to the registered keeper of the vehicle if the penalty charge notice isn’t paid within 28 days of the issued date.

If you are not the registered keeper but you want to make a formal appeal, you will need to ask the registered keeper for the Notice of Owner form. There is a section on the form where you can give your details.

We will send a written response to your formal appeal.

  • If we accept, we will cancel the penalty charge notice.
  • If we reject your appeal, you can choose to pay the charge, or make an appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.


Step Three - Appeal to the Adjudicator

If we reject your formal appeal in Step Two, you can appeal to the independent adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The adjudicators are independent lawyers and their decision is final.

You can appeal online by at

The website explains what the adjudicator can consider and how to appeal.

Note: The Traffic Penalty Tribunal will only consider your case if you have made a formal appeal (Step Two) and these have been rejected by the Council.

If you are unable to appeal online, you can request a paper form from the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Details of how to do this will be included in our response to your formal appeal.


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