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What are Traffic Regulation Orders?

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A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal document which sets out the restrictions in an area which are shown by traffic signs and road markings on roads.
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What is a Traffic Regulation Order for?

We introduce Traffic Regulation Orders to change parking restrictions and traffic restrictions on roads in Conwy County.  We consider changes that prevent danger to the highway user and keep traffic flowing freely. They cover things such as:

  • Prohibiting parking throughout the day or for part of the day;
  • Allowing parking only for a limited time or only by a particular class of vehicle;
  • Restricting vehicle movements for example no entry, one-way, no right or left turn, weight restrictions.

A Traffic Regulation Order cannot usually be used to:

  • Designate parking spaces on the highway for individuals apart from in certain circumstances for disabled drivers;
  • Restrict parking on residential streets unless there is a residential parking need that meets specific criteria;
  • Prevent obstruction, specifically of private driveways;
  • Prevent access for deliveries.

How do we introduce a Traffic Regulation Order?

Traffic Regulation Orders are a last resort and we will avoid restricting traffic movements if it is possible.

We will investigate any concerns which residents report to us. We aim to let you know within 6 weeks if we think that a Traffic Regulation Order is the best way to solve the issue. If it is, this will be included on the Traffic Regulation Order programme.

The Traffic Regulation Order programme is a 3 year rolling schedule, and different areas of the county are considered every year

View the 2022 - 2026 Traffic Regulation Order programme schedule (PDF, 1MB)

It can take up to 18 months to process a new Traffic Regulation Order.

The process for developing a Traffic Regulation Order includes:

  • Informal consultation with interested groups and individuals
  • Advertising the proposals in the local press, on the council’s website and posting notices on the street
  • Considering representations and objections (if we cannot resolve the objections this may prevent us from completing the Traffic Regulation);
  • Confirming and advertising the new Traffic Regulation Order;
  • Completing traffic signs and road markings.


How can I comment on the Traffic Regulation Order proposals?

Traffic Regulation Order proposals are advertised on the council’s website
, in local press and a hard copy is posted at the site to which the TRO relates giving 28 calendar days for objections to be made.

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