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Advocacy means getting support from another person to help you express your views and wishes, and help you stand up for your rights. Someone who helps you in this way is called your advocate.
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What does an advocate do?

They will:

  • Make sure you are heard and answered to
  • Empower you
  • Help you to make things happen and change
  • Support you to make choices and take more control
  • Work for your equal rights and inclusion

They won’t

  • Give you advice
  • Take control away from you
  • Act as a referee in arguments or disputes
  • Take on the role of a social worker

How to get an advocate

Contact one of the independent advocacy Services below:

Tros Gynnal – North Wales Advocacy Service

TGP Cymru have developed a film about advocacy and the ‘active offer’ entitled ‘Is Anyone Listening?’ You can view it here on You Tube:

Tros Gynnal work with children and young people who are ‘Looked After’, ‘Child in Need of Care and Support’ and ‘Care Leavers’.

Dewis Centre for Independent Living

This is a voluntary organisation of disabled people and non-disabled people. They provide services which support and respond to disabled people’s desire to have choice in their lives.


Conwy and Denbighshire Mental Health Advocacy Service

This is an independent, confidential and free advocacy service for young people and adults mental health conditions.

Advocacy Support Cymru (ASC)

ASC specialises in the provision of professional, confidential and independent advocacy for those eligible in secondary care and community mental health settings.

The MEIC Cymru website has a search facility for finding advocacy projects in your area, along with details about each service and an interactive map.

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