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Council Tax Bands

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Council Tax Bands and Charges.
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Your property has been allocated to one of the following bands based on the value of your house as at 1st of April 2003. The price of your home today is not a good guide as to what your band should be.

Your bill states which band applies to your home.

Valuation BandRange of value £.p.County BoroughPolice £.p.Town / Community Council Average £.p.Total (Average) 
A Up to and including £44,000 778.88 172.08 28.48 979.44
B £44,001 to £65,000 908.69 200.76 33.23 1,142.68
C £65,001 to £91,000 1.038.51 229.44 37.97 1,305.92
D £91,001 to £123,000 1,168.32 258.12 42.72 1,469.16
E £123,001 to £162,000 1,427.95 315.48 52.21 1,795.64
F £162,001 to £223,000 1,687.57 372.84 61.71 2,122.12
G £223,001 to £324,000 1,947.20 430.20 71.20 2,448.60
H £324,001 to £424,000 2,336.64 516.24 85.44 2,938.32
I £424,001 and above 2,726.08 602.28 99.68 3,428.04

What to do if I think my banding is wrong?

The Valuation Office Agency is responsible for setting the bands for Council Tax properties and the rateable values for non-domestic properties.

If you wish to appeal against your banding or rateable value you should contact the valuation office and not the council. You must continue to pay your existing bill while you are waiting for the results of an appeal.

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