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Household Recycling Centres - frequently asked questions

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The Council is changing the way it runs Household Recycling Centres from 1st November 2017.
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Please read through these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out more about the changes, and the reasons behind them. If your question is not here, please use the contact details at the bottom of the page to let us know.

Soil, rubble, plasterboard, asbestos, and DIY/construction materials from works, improvements, repairs, alterations and demolition at your home/domestic property is classified as ‘industrial waste’ and not as ‘household waste’ and the Council is not required to accept these materials for disposal.

In recognition of the fact that residents do sometimes create this type of waste, the Council has decided to continue to offer a service, but to introduce a small charge to cover the costs of handling and disposal, as permitted under waste legislation. The charges are not to make a profit.

The decision to introduce charges was made by Conwy’s Cabinet on 13th December 2016
Council Tax covers the cost of collecting, recycling and disposing of household waste. Charges will only be made for materials/waste which is not classified as household waste, and therefore not covered by Council Tax.
Charging for DIY & Construction waste is in place from 1st November 2017
Charges only apply to DIY & Construction Waste such as rubble, soil, bricks, tiles, plasterboard, wood, bathroom/kitchen fixtures & fittings, and window frames.

Charges are intended to cover the cost of disposal only and are not to make a profit. A full list of items as well as the current disposal charges can be found here.
Bringing your loose waste in rubble sacks is encouraged to make the calculation of the charges for soil/rubble/stones easier.

A rubble sack is equivalent to a small plastic sand/aggregate bag from standard DIY stores (or similar) that can be safely lifted by one person.

Waste presented loose or in different-sized sacks will require charges to be estimated. The site manager’s decision on the actual charge to be made is final.
The payment machines at the sites accept cash or card payments, and will issue a receipt. No cheques will be accepted.

If you are unable to pay (for example you have left your debit/credit card or cash at home), you will be asked to leave the site with your chargeable waste and to return later with a means of payment. You will be allowed to dispose of any household waste free of charge.
No, everyone has to pay the charges. The costs have been kept as low as possible for everyone.
Cement-bonded asbestos can be accepted at Household Recycling Centres. All whole sheets should be wrapped securely in plastic sheeting and transported whole. Small or broken pieces should be double-bagged and securely seals. Avoid breaking the material where possible. You must phone the site in advance to pre-book acceptance or you may not be able to deposit your cement-bonded asbestos. No other type of asbestos is accepted.

To arrange to deposit your cement-bonded asbestos, call:

Mochdre: 01492 547927
Gofer (Abergele): 01745 827555
In line with many other Household Recycling Centres, we are unable to accept mixed loads containing plasterboard, plaster or gypsum-based waste.
You must separate this type of waste before you visit (i.e. tiles or timber must be removed from the plasterboard and disposed of separately).
Most types of waste can be disposed of at Household Recycling Centres free of charge.

There are no charges for residents bringing in their own household waste, such as green garden waste, electrical items, furniture, paper, cardboard, fridges/freezers, TVs, large and small electrical items, bric-a-brac, plastic, glass bottles & jars, scrap metal, carpets, paint, light bulbs, batteries, textiles and residual waste.

See a list of items which you will have to pay to dispose of.
No, the use of Household Recycling Centres is at the site users’ discretion. If you are not happy with the proposed charge or you have a lot of household waste, you can consider alternatives such as hiring a skip or taking your waste to a private waste management company.
If you leave waste outside the site you are fly-tipping. This is against the law and can carry a fine of up to £50,000 or even a custodial (prison) sentence. CCTV operates in the vicinity and site staff are instructed to gather evidence of anyone fly-tipping for possible prosecution.


If your question does not appear in the list above, please contact us with your enquiry.

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