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Assisted Collections

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If you need help moving your containers or bin on your collection day, you may be eligible to apply for an Assisted Collection.
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What is the assisted collection service?

For residents who have difficulty in moving their containers and bins to the kerbside on collection day, we can arrange an ‘Assisted Collection’ upon receipt of an application. This means that collection operatives will collect your recycling and waste items from a pre-agreed location on your property and return the items afterwards. Collection operatives will not go inside anybody’s property and they will not sort your recycling items for you. If you need help sorting items inside your home, please contact your doctor, community nurse, carer/careworker or social worker.

Who is eligible for an Assisted Collection?

You are eligible to apply for an Assisted Collection if you are physically unable to move your containers and:

  • You have nobody else (a relative, friend, neighbour or carer) who can help you get your containers to the kerbside on collection day
  • You have a suitable collection location for your containers that our crews can reasonably be expected to reach
  • You agree to separate your items correctly for recycling (failure to recycle correctly may result in withdrawal of the offer of Assisted Collections)

How can I apply?

You can either submit an online application form or you can download it, and send your completed form back to us via email or post (details are on the form). Upon receipt of your application we will consider your request, an officer will contact you to discuss it further and arrange for an assessment.

You can request either:

  •  A Temporary Assisted Collection - for example if you’ve been injured or had surgery (such as a hip or knee replacement) and you can’t move your containers/bins at the moment, but you expect to make a full recovery.

You can request a temporary assisted collection for a set period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

  • A Permanent Assisted Collection – If you need help moving your containers and your circumstances are unlikely to change, you can request a permanent assisted collection.

Please note that we reserve the right to write to you every two years to ask you to confirm whether or not you still require the service, failure to respond may result in your containers being missed on your collection day.

Please do not apply if:

  • You don’t have a genuine reason for applying. The Assisted Collection Service is for people who have genuine difficulty in physically moving their containers and bin. If you’re going on holiday or you work away a lot, consider asking a family member, friend or neighbour to put your containers out for you on your collection day. If you live somewhere windy, please see here for advice/guidance for recycling in poor weather, or contact us to discuss your concerns.
  • You have somebody else such as a family member, friend, or carer/care worker who can move your containers to the kerbside for you.

Assisted Collection Leaflet and Application

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