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North Wales Safeguarding Board

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North Wales Safeguarding Board (NWSB) is a statutory body which co-ordinates, monitors and challenges its partner agencies in Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk in North Wales.
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Safeguarding boards have a unique role to play. North Wales Safeguarding Board sees its function as to make "Safeguarding everybody’s business"

What is the purpose of North Wales Safeguarding Board?

  • Contribute towards national policy and procedures are monitored and remained fit for purpose, by engagement with the National Independent Safeguarding Board and other Safeguarding Boards
  • Prevent and to provide information as to how this might be achieved.
  • Review efficiency of measures taken by Safeguarding Board partners and bodies represented on the Board
  • Undertake Child Practice Reviews & Adult Practice Reviews
  • Undertake audits, reviews and investigations pursuant to the objectives
  • Review performance of the Board and its partners represented on the Board in carrying out its objectives
  • Disseminate information about best practice and learning arising from reviews
  • Facilitate research into protection and prevention of abuse and neglect of children and adults who are at risk of harm
  • To review the training needs of those practitioners working in the area of the Board and to identify training activities and ensure training is provided on an inter-agency basis and individual organisational basis to assist in the protection and prevention of abuse and neglect of children.
  • To co-operate or act jointly with another one or more Boards.
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