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Mandatory and Discretionary Rate Relief

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Don’t delay – Apply for Charitable Relief for the next three years; 2023-2026

Your account may have qualified for Mandatory and/or Discretionary Rate Relief in the past. This relief is reviewed every three years and is due to expire on all accounts on 31.03.2023.

If you wish to make an application in respect of either Mandatory or Discretionary Relief please apply on the form below.

Mandatory Relief (80%)

If you are in occupation of a premises which is wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes and, if you are a Registered Charity or are registered with the Inland Revenue as a Community Amateur Sport Club (C.A.S.C), you can apply for 80% Mandatory Rate Relief.  Charities registered with the Charity Commission under Section 3 of the Charities Act, 1983, including those excepted from such registration, may also qualify.  Mandatory Relief may be granted upon confirmation of either your Registered Charity or C.A.S.C. number or in the case of excepted cases, written confirmation together with documentation from HMRC. Please address any enquiries via email to: or telephone (01492) 576609.

20% Top-Up Discretionary Relief  / 100% Discretionary Relief

In cases where Mandatory Relief is applicable,  a top-up Discretionary Relief of 20% may be applied for.  In cases where Mandatory Relief is not applicable, Discretionary Relief of up to 100% may be applied for. An application form must always be completed in order to apply for Discretionary Relief.

Please note that Sporting and Social Organisations must complete both the Charitable and Discretionary Rate Relief Application Form and the Application Form for Sporting and Social Clubs. Please complete and return to:

Sporting and Social Clubs must also complete the form below:


You must inform Conwy County Borough Council’s Business Rate Section if you are in receipt of either Mandatory or Discretionary Rate Relief and your circumstances change. Please note that this Authority must also give you 12 months notification of any change to relief which has already been granted.

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