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Personal Licence Application

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Personal licenses allow holders to sell alcohol for consumption on or off any premises covered by a premises licence and to be nominated as a designated premises supervisor.
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How to apply

To qualify for a personal licence the applicant must fulfil the following criteria. The licensing authority must grant the licence if:

  • the applicant is aged 18 or over
  • entitled to work in the United Kingdom
  • no previous personal licence has been forfeited within the period of five years before making the application
  • possesses an accredited licensing qualification, or is a person of prescribed description
  • not been convicted of any relevant or foreign offence

If the applicant fulfils all these criteria, the licence will be granted. If any of the first three criteria are not met, the licensing authority must reject the application. The licensing authority must notify the chief officer of police for its area if it appears that an applicant has been convicted of any relevant or foreign offence, as set out above.


Grant of a Personal Licence £37.00
Change of details/Lost licence  £10.50


The applicant must submit: 

  • An application form to the relevant licensing authority
  • two passport size photographs (one of which must be endorsed)
  • the application fee
  • Relevant licensing qualification. for example a BII Level II examination certificate.
  • Criminal conviction certificate (no more than 1 month old)

If it appears there are convictions for any relevant or foreign offences, the licensing authority will give a notice to the chief officer of police for the area. If the police make no objections within a 14 day period, the licence must be granted.

The Licensing Authority must grant the application if all the criteria are met unless an objection is received from the Chief Officer of Police.

Useful Information

The Personal Licence is an indefinite licence, no need to renew. Therefore it imported to keep your details up-to-date.

A link to the website below of accredited qualification providers.  

Please read the guidance notes at the end of the Criminal Convictions form. Any relevant conviction need to be declared, this may impact on whether you’re found to be suitable as a licensee.

Legislation and Conditions

Licensing Act 2003

Processing and Timescales

Once all relevant forms completed, the application will be processed within 5 days   

Appeal/Redress mechanisms

Monday to Friday 10.00am to 12:30pm

  • By post:
Licensing Section,
PO Box 1,
LL30 9GN

Notification of Change of Name/address

Accredited qualification providers: personal licence to sell alcohol

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