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How to become a Registered Childminder or Nanny

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Registered childminders are qualified to provide care and learning opportunities for children under the age of 12 in their own home for more than two hours a day for payment.

Childminders must be registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) to ensure that they are able to provide a safe and stimulating environment for the children in their care.  They must adhere to the National Minimum Standards and are inspected on a regular basis.

Childminders are self-employed and must work within the ratios set in the National Minimum Standards for Childminders in Wales (this includes childminders' own children).  Childminders can work together and they can also employ an assistant.

To find out more about becoming a childminder please contact the Family Information Services on 01492 577850 or email


A nanny is employed by a family to care for one or more children from up to two families in the family’s home and does not need to register.

However, registering for Care Inspectorate Wales’s Childcare at Home Voluntary Approval Scheme may allow their parents to take advantage of UK Government help with childcare costs.  To register, they must undertake childcare training.

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