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Old Colwyn coastal defence
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Due to the difficulty in securing funding for the whole scheme, this project will be completed in separate phases.

How we prioritise

We have assessed the risks along the Old Colwyn frontage so we can prioritise the work.  The eastern section from Rotary Way to Splash Point (by Colwyn Bay Arches) is the most at risk of collapse, so we will prioritise this section ahead of the western section from Rotary Way to Porth Eirias.

The scheme includes raising the promenade, which we have already done on the Colwyn Bay section from Porth Eirias to the Horizon Shine kiosk.  This will help protect the promenade from seawater coming over the top during storms.  We need to build the rock barricade first on the other side of the seawall, because this will support and protect the higher promenade.


March 2023

So far, we have secured around £17 million in Welsh Government grant funding for the Old Colwyn coastal defence scheme.

With this funding, we have focussed on the priority of constructing and improving coastal defences along the most vulnerable section, between Rotary Way and Splash Point (by Old Colwyn Arches).  This includes:

  • 720m of rock barricade
  • 720m of promenade and highway raising
  • 720m of promenade public space improvements
  • 2 sets of replacement beach access steps
  • 1 fishing platform
  • 2 culvert extensions

Once completed, this section of promenade will be reopened and there should be no need to close this section in the future.

There will still be more coastal defence and promenade improvements to complete between Rotary Way and Porth Eirias when we have secured more funding.  This will include building an accessible ramp and step access onto the beach, raising the promenade and improvements to the public space.

We don’t yet know timescales for funding or when the remaining work will be completed.

We have submitted grand funding applications to Welsh Government to seek further funding for the 2023-24 financial year

July 2022

We have received more funding from Welsh Government to continue the coastal defence work from Splash Point (by Old Colwyn Bay Arches) to Rotary Way.  This will allow us to construct another 350m of the rock barricade and raise the promenade to protect it from sea level increases.

We expect to start work in summer 2022, starting as soon as the current work is completed.

This work will take up to 18 months to complete.

March 2022

We have received planning permission and marine licences for all the remaining coastal defence work.  We are continuing to look for the remaining funding to allow us to complete the overall scheme.

January 2022

We have submitted a planning application for all of the remaining coastal defence work and promenade and public space improvements at Old Colwyn Promenade.

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