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Penrhyn Bay – Coastal Defence Improvements

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We have begun to look at potential improvements to the coastal defences in Penrhyn Bay as part of the Welsh Government funded Penrhyn Bay Coastal Defence and Public Realm Improvement Scheme.

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Current situation

There is a growing threat to the aging seawall at Penrhyn Bay from the increasing frequency and severity of storminess and associated coastal flooding.

Shingle has been provided to the toe of the existing seawall providing greater protection against wave action. Over time, introduced shingle has been transported from west to east, reducing the level of protection provided. The ongoing provision of further shingle and re-profiling of the beach has become increasingly costly and is unsustainable in the long term to deal with predicted climate change.

What are the proposals?

We are planning to improve the coastal defences by building an offshore T-shaped breakwater between the two existing groynes.

At the same time, we would import shingle to sit in front of the seawall. This will protect the seawall and the properties and infrastructure behind it from the continued threat of the sea and accepted climate change levels.

We would also like to improve the promenade in this location.

The proposals give the best balance of parking, cycling and pedestrian provision for public safety.

You now have the opportunity to see the plans and comment before we submit a planning application.

Next steps

We will review all comments and may make changes to the design based on these.

We expect to submit the planning application in November.

Starting the scheme depends on planning permission and funding. We have applied for funds from Welsh Government. If we get funding, we may need to review the designs to make sure all the elements are affordable.


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