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Llandudno Coastal Defence Improvements

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July 2019

Llandudno Coastal Forum, working with Conwy County Borough Council and its consultants, organised a public drop-in session at the Victoria Centre in Llandudno on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July 2019. Residents and visitors viewed the shortlisted options for managing Llandudno’s beaches and gave their comments. Comments were also submitted via our website.

We have compiled the comments we received into a report to accompany the Outline Business Case.

View the Llandudno Flood Defence Improvement Boards 

June 2021

On 8 June 2021, the Cabinet reviewed the draft Outline Business Case and shortlisted options. Cabinet identified their preferred option for North Shore was to remove the cobble bank between Vaughan Street and Children’s Corner and replace it with sand.

October 2021

We have submitted the final Outline Business Case to Welsh Government for technical review and consideration against programme objectives. The next step will be detailed design work of the scheme, which will involve public consultation.

The work done to date on this coastal defence improvement scheme has been funded by Welsh Government through its Coastal Risk Management Programme (CRMP). We will be applying for Welsh Government funding for future stages, with some of the funding coming from Conwy County Borough Council.

June 2022

The Outline Business Case has been approved by Welsh Government. We are now working on the detail needed for the Full Business Case, advancing the concept designs for the options in the Outline Business Case. We will be working on ground investigations and holding a public consultation later this year.

August 2022

Welsh Government’s Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management branch has told us that the option for putting sand on North Shore cannot be funded by the Coastal Risk Management Programme (CRMP).

This programme is targeted at reducing coastal flood risk and they do not believe the sand option provides any extra coastal defence benefits. They consider that the £23.9m cost for the sand option is not justifiable when the £6.7m option of raising the promenade wall would have the same coastal defence benefit.

Welsh Government stated that they appreciated the strong local desire for a sand beach on a specific part of North Shore, but that the CRMP programme is not the appropriate way to achieve this at such a significantly increased cost.

Councillors in the Scrutiny Committee have agreed, as a priority, to lobby Welsh Government Ministers for Economy and Climate Change and the UK Government to seek funding.

September 2022

The Cabinet has decided to accept funding from the Coastal Risk Management Programme (CRMP) to continue with the non-sand option for North Shore coastal flood risk reduction, and at West Shore.

January 2023

We have secured funding from the Coastal Risk Management Programme (CRMP) to pay for a Full Business Case and Detailed Design.

Next steps

We will be carrying out site investigations in Spring 2023 to help the detailed design process.

There will be more information to share with the public and stakeholders over Spring and Summer 2023.

We are aiming to be ready to start work in 2024.

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