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Major Road Safety Improvement Works

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Welsh Government Funding

We rely on Welsh Government funding to carry out all major road safety improvement works. All the councils in Wales compete for a share of this funding and each council is usually limited to three bids a year.

The Welsh Government gives priority to improvements which will reduce casualties at locations with a history of collisions. The information on these collisions is collected by the Police and comes from a national database belonging to the Welsh Government.

Every year, we analyse collisions which caused casualties across all the county’s roads over the last three years. This gives us the information to prioritise our three bids for funding for that year.

This process is based on the evidence from the national database, rather than community requests.

Minor road safety improvement works

We can carry out minor works such as signs and road markings to improve road safety. If you have concerns about road safety in your community where small improvements could help, please let us know.


If you are concerned about speeding in your community, you can ask for speed enforcement through the GoSafe website.

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