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20mph speed limit

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A default 20mph speed limit on residential roads will come into force from 17 September 2023.
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From 17 September 2023, the default 20mph speed limit will come into force on urban roads where people live, work and play in Conwy, and across Wales.

The Welsh Government is changing the default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph to make streets safer by reducing the likelihood of collisions - and death or injury from them. This will make streets safer for walking, wheeling and cycling (known as active travel).

The changes will happen on roads where streetlights are placed no more than 200 yards apart, usually located in residential and built-up areas which people use frequently.

About exceptions

The new legislation does not mean all roads will change to 20mph, some will remain at 30mph and will be known as exceptions. Every council in Wales is considering which streets in their area should remain at 30mph, following Welsh Government criteria.

You can see the exceptions on Data Map Wales with more information in the Traffic Regulation Orders section of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about Welsh Government’s 20mph legislation and why it is being introduced across Wales?

Please visit Welsh Government’s website for more information.

Will all roads in Conwy County change to 20mph on 17 September?

On 17 September 2023, all restricted roads will change to 20mph.

What is a restricted road?

Restricted roads are typically in residential areas and currently have a speed limit of 30mph and a system of street lighting (this is defined as three or more street lighting columns within 183m or 200 yards).

All councils across Wales have a legal duty to introduce 20mph on all restricted roads on 17 September 2023.

Can Conwy County Borough Council ignore the 20mph criteria set by Welsh Government?

No. Local councils cannot legally disregard criteria when applying speed restrictions to local roads.  We assess all speed limits impartially based on national criteria set by Welsh Government.

Will any roads remain at 30mph? Will residents be consulted on this?

There are several roads in Conwy which could be excepted from the new speed limit.

Welsh Government has published exceptions criteria detailing how highway authorities can set exceptions to 20mph speed limits on restricted roads in Wales.

To apply an exception to a restricted road, we must have a clear and reasoned case which shows that there is strong evidence that keeping a higher speed limit would be safe.

We have assessed restricted roads across the county and identified roads which meet the exceptions criteria. This list of roads has been shared with all Councillors, who have been  asked to identify any other roads in their wards where they feel exceptions may apply.  

You can see the proposed exceptions on Data Map Wales with more information in the Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders section of our website.

The Council must formally advertise exceptions as part of a legal consultation process for Traffic Regulation Orders

Notices will be published in the local press and put up on lampposts on the affected roads. You can also see copies of the proposals in paper copy at our Coed Pella offices.

The consultation will give residents the opportunity to comment on these roads remaining at 30mph rather than changing to 20mph. Residents are not being consulted on the change to 20mph overall, as this is a Welsh Government decision made by the Senedd in July 2022.

Will all the signs be changed ready for the implementation of 20mph in September?

We have already prepared replacement signs across the County ready for 17 September.

Will there be repeater signs to remind people they are in a 20mph area?

No. There will be no 20mph repeater signs on restricted roads after of the new legislation is introduced in September 2023.

There will be new 20mph signs at each end of the speed restriction area. As with current 30mph limits on restricted roads, repeater signs are not permitted where there is street lighting. The streetlights along the length of road between these signs will remind a driver they are in a 20mph area.

We have speed humps along my road, will these be removed when 20mph is introduced?

Existing traffic calming measures, such as speed humps, have been introduced in certain areas to improve road safety. A 20mph speed limit will not automatically remove the need for traffic calming schemes. As with all safety schemes, we will continue to review how effective they are.

Will you be adding speed humps on residential roads to help enforce the new 20mph speed limit?

We don’t have plans to add speed humps to all 20mph roads. We will consider road safety issues on a case by case basis.

Who is paying for the introduction of 20mph on restricted roads in Conwy?

All costs associated with implementing 20mph across Wales will be met by Welsh Government through a grant to local councils.

Who will enforce the new 20mph speed limits?

The Police will continue to be responsible for enforcing speed limits. If you are concerned about speeding in your community, you can ask for speed enforcement through the GoSafe website.

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