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Reporting Dangerous Structures

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What is a dangerous structure

A dangerous structure exists if there is a risk a building or structure can cause potential harm to anyone. This may be due to loose roof tiles, unstable walls or damage from high winds, vehicle collision or fire. Buildings that are simply neglected are not necessarily classed as dangerous.

If you believe a building or a structure is dangerous you should report it as soon as possible to the Building Control section in order it can be inspected and appropriate action can determined. The following action will then be taken:-

Where the building / structure is deemed dangerous and is of imminent threat to public health & safety and the owner is unable to undertake necessary works. The Authority may employ contractors to remove any immediate danger, usually by fencing off the area of the building. The owner must then carry out the remedial works to completely remove the threat of danger.

In the event the building / structure but does not cause an immediate threat to public health & safety. The Authority will contact the owner and allow them a reasonable amount of time to make the building safe. In the meanwhile we will continue to monitor the building to ensure it does not deteriorate.

The Authority can only make sure the minimum amount of work is done to make the building safe. We will always endeavour to recover any costs involved.

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