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Child and Family Assessment

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A Child and Family assessment is a chance for us to get to know you and your child better. It helps us to decide with you how best to help your child and family. We will talk to you about how you manage anything that you are worried about and about how your child is doing. We will talk to you about their health, their development and about how they are doing in school or nursery.

For an assessment by Children's Services contact the Assessment and Support Team on 01492575111.

Who will be involved in the assessment?

The main people who will be involved in the assessment are you, your child if they are old enough and your Social Worker. The Social Worker will also want to talk to other professionals who know your child, for example a school teacher or health visitor.  With your permission we may also want to talk to other family members.

How long will it take?

The assessment will be proportionate and completed within 42 days (not including weekends or Bank Holidays). It may take less time.

Will I receive a written copy of the assessment?

Yes, at the end of the assessment you will receive a copy. It is important that you keep your copy in a safe place as it will contain confidential information about your family. Your Social Worker will go through the assessment with you if you want them to.

How will the assessment be done?

When you ask for a service from Children's Social Care we want to find out more about your family and your child. We will meet with you at least once to talk about what matters to you, including:

  • How your child is doing. We may ask about their health, how they are doing at school, their behaviour and whom they have relationships with;
  • Your health and whether you are having any difficulties as a parent;
  • Your circumstances, for example your income, housing and family support.

Once we have this information we will talk to you about how we think we can best help your child.  Children's Social Care may offer to provide services or we may put you in touch with another organisation that can help. Your Social Worker will talk to you about this.

We will also pass on a copy of the assessment to other professionals, such as your health visitor and teacher, especially if they have made a referral in the first place.

For a Child and Family assessment by Children's Social Care contact the Assessment and Support Team on 01492575111.

What happens after the assessment?

After the assessment we agree a ‘care and support plan’ with you. Your care and support plan says what you need us to do and how we will do it together. We’ll have another look at what you are getting from time to time to see that this is still what you need. We can change it.

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