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Highway licences

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If you are intending to undertake any work on the highway (including the footway) you must obtain a licence.
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These activities include:

  • the placement of skips on the highway
  • erecting or dismantling scaffolding or hoarding
  • placing cranes
  • cherry pickers and mobile platforms on the highway
  • and the use of temporary traffic signals.
  • a licence can also be issued to excavate in the highway, to place or repair apparatus in the highway.

Streetworks also issue Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders for road closures or parking prohibitions for both road works and events.

How to apply

Please select the licence type from the table below. An application pack can be downloaded, and should be completed in full (using the checklist where applicable) and emailed to:

Payment should then be made by cheque or postal order, made out to Conwy County Borough Council and sent to:

Environment, Roads and Facilities
Mochdre Offices
Conway Road
LL28 5AB

Highway Licences

Licence nameDescriptionLicence costProcessing timeApplication pack
Crane, cherry and mobile platform To use one of the named   platforms on the highway / footway £97 3 working days (minimum)  Apply
Scaffold licence Scaffold placement on property on side of highway/ footway £45 + £10 parking restriction 
(£90 retrospective for non-licence)
2 working days  Apply
Section 50 licence

Section 50 (Dual Residential)

Section 50 (Non-Residential)

To place new apparatus in the  highway 

To serve two or more dwellings houses and residential development fFlats / maisonettes

To place 2 new pieces of apparatus in 1 trench (e.g. foul & surface water)



£614 + £61 per unit


15 working days (minimum)

15 working days (minimum)

15 working days (minimum)




Section 171 licence To repair or replace existing apparatus £225 15 working days (minimum)  Apply
Section 171b licence To deposit building materials / plant on highway £97 5 working days  Apply
Skip licence Skip placement on the highway  £30+ £10 Parking restriction   
(£90 retrospective for non-licence)
2 working days  Apply


Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO's)

Licence typePeriod of time that the licence will coverCostApplication pack

By Notice 
(if your licence is needed for 3 days or less)

3 days or less £500  Apply
By Order 
(if your licence needed for a maximum of 18 months)
Maximum of 18 months £1,600  Apply
Emergency Notice
(if your licence is required immediately)
Maximum of 21 days, followed by possible 18 month order £750  Apply
Town Police Clauses
(non-profit / community event)
3 days No charge (as processing is seen   as council's contribution towards the event)  Apply
Special Events
(large scale event or race)
  £1600 Apply
Temporary Traffic Control (Lights)  N/A No charge Apply



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