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Drinking Water

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Good drinking water quality is essential to our health and well being. If you have concerns regarding your drinking water quality we may be able to help. We also have a duty to ensure the water you are using is fit for purpose.
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What is a private water supply?

A private water supply is one which is not provided by a water company. The quality of private water supplies can be variable. Some have adequate treatment and are well managed, but others can present  a risk to health of your customers due to the quality of the water. If you own or use a private supply it is important that you are aware of the quality of the supply and the risks associated with it.

What do I need to do?

If you own/run holiday let cottages, campsites or other commercial food premises that are on a private water supply you must ensure the water is safe and the it must be tested at least annually. 

In order to keep your private water supply functioning correctly and ensure the water is safe for your customers you need to keep the supply system clean and well maintained.  Things to be considered include:  

  • ensuring the source is protected from contamination by grazing animals or material washing down from upstream
  • installing and maintaining appropriate treatment that is capable of treating water to a consistently satisfactory quality
  • ensuring the water is adequately disinfected prior to use
  • making sure that water is stored and distributed in a way that avoids it becoming contaminated after treatment and disinfection but before it is consumed

The authority must also carry out a risk assessment of all commercial private water supplies for which there is a charge.

Food Safety Management System

If you prepare and provide food for public consumption then you must ensure the risks associated with the use of a private water supply are included within your food safety management system and records of checks kept on file. 

Advice and Guidance

If you wish to arrange to have your private water supply tested please fill in our online enquiry form.

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