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Mobile Homes to keep

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The above Act came into force on the 1st October 2014. The Act applies to all land on which a mobile home is situated for the purposes of human habitation; this is called a regulated site. It does not apply to holiday sites and there are certain exemptions e.g. if a caravan is situated within the curtilage of a dwelling house and the use of the caravan is incidental to the enjoyment of that house
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It is illegal to permit a site to be used as a regulated site without a holding a licence.  An application for a site licence must be made by the owner of the land which must have the benefit of planning permission to use the land for such a purpose.

Once all particulars are in order a licence can be issued for up to 5 years.

The Act allows a local authority to charge for various functions:

  1. Issuing of a site licence, which includes the cost of an inspection
  2. Varying conditions
  3. Lodging site rules should the owner of the site request this
  4. Providing a replacement licence.

Conwy CBC has considered the costs that would be incurred for these different functions and related this to different sizes of site.

The Act requires that the local authority publicise its fees policy in relation to the different functions.

The Fees

Conwy CBC under its scheme of delegation have determined the following fees to apply to the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013:

Category Fee
I.   Single caravan £90
II.   Single caravan on mixed site £120
III.   Small site (1-10 caravans) £230
IV.   Medium site (11-50 caravans) £370
V.   Large site (51+ caravans) £565
VI.   Vary conditions £150
VII.   Lodge rules £20
VIII.   Replace licence £10

In setting these fees Welsh Government guidance has been followed and only those actions associated with each function have been considered.

Fees Policy for Mobile Homes

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