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Trade Recycling & Waste Collections

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If you’re running a business or an event that’s open to the public, you have a legal duty of care to dispose of your waste responsibly.
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A new workplace recycling law starts from 6 April 2024. It means all businesses, charities and public sector organisations will need to sort their waste for recycling in the same way most households do now.

More information on the new workplace recycling law.

If you run a business or you’re holding a public event, you have a legal duty of care to dispose of any recycling and waste you generate responsibly, by consigning it to a licenced trade waste carrier.

Why choose us? 

Conwy County Borough Council is a licenced trade waste carrier. We offer a comprehensive, reliable and professional service for businesses needing a contract for regular collections, and for one-off events.

Contracted Collections

If you regularly need to dispose of recycling and general waste from your business premises, our collection service is ideal.  Available in either one-month rolling or fixed-term contracts (minimum of 6 months).

We charge on a per-collection basis only. These charges include:

  • bins and delivery
  • your Duty of Care Documentation
  • collection

There are no hidden charges and there is no VAT.

Waste Contract charges

Valid from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Recycling Containers

Recycling ContainerAvailable Collection FrequencyCharge

240L Cans Recycling Bin


£3.30 per collection

240L Glass Recycling Bin


£3.30 per collection

240L Plastic Recycling Bin


£3.30 per collection

240L Paper Recycling Bin (paper, white/grey card)


£3.30 per collection

140L Food Bin (includes supply of bio liners) 


£5.50 per collection

660L Cardboard Bin (brown cardboard)


£6.60 per collection

Cardboard Stickers 

  • Only for premises where a cardboard bin will not fit 
  • Place one sticker on top of a manageable bundle of cardboard


£96.25 per roll of 25 (£3.85 per sticker)

£5.50 for delivery

Only for premises where either:

  • Regular recycling bins will not fit
  • Rural location means that only Trolibocses can be collected


£5.50 per collection

Refuse Containers

Collected weekly with a range of bin sizes to suit your needs:

Refuse ContainerCharge

240L Refuse Bin

£8.80 per collection 

660L Refuse Bin

£17.60 per collection

1100L Refuse Bin

£29.15 per collection

Trade Sacks
- Only available for customers where a bin will not fit

£92.40 for a ream of 20 (£4.62 per sack)

£5.50 for delivery or purchase from a library

Events Collections

If you’re holding a public event, you have a legal duty of care to deal with any extra recycling, general waste or litter that may be created in the area.

To find out more or to book our Events Collections Services:

Please make your order in good time, at least 28 days before your event. Prepayment is required.

VAT is applicable to events delivery & collection charges.

Holiday Let Recycling and Waste Collections

If you use your property for business, either letting it out as a holiday home, self-catering accommodation or running a guesthouse, you must have a commercial waste collection service.

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