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Civil Contingencies

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The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and other legislation places a number of duties on the Council and other agencies such as the emergency services, government departments and utility companies to work together to prepare for an emergency here you’ll find some background we undertake to keep our communities safe.
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The Council prepares for an emergency by assessing the risks, making plans, training staff, informing and advising the public and businesses and by working with the emergency services and other agencies.

The detailed emergency planning work on Council response plans is carried out by members of cross functional groups within the Council.  However the Council also collaborates with the other North Wales local authorities to support and contribute to multi-agency plans and is a member of the North Wales Local Resilience Forum (NWLRF) which helps coordination and cooperation at a local level to strengthen plans and responses.

In a large scale emergency, the Council will support and work with the emergency services, agencies and volunteers and also provide technical support and resources. Examples of this include:

  • provision of temporary accommodation
  • emergency feeding / rest centres
  • social and welfare services
  • environmental issues
  • traffic and structural engineering issues
  • provision of body holding areas and a temporary mortuary in liaison with North Wales Police and the Coroner.

North Wales - Preparing for emergencies (PDF)

Other legislation exist which establish multi-agency emergency planning regimes in co-operation with site operators and these include:



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