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Connecting to Conwy IT Systems Remotely - NetScaler Gateway guide

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Answers to frequently asked questions when trying to access the Council network remotely
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Help Connecting to Conwy IT Systems with the NetScaler Gateway

The new NetScaler solution has been available to our IT users for over a year with around 300 users a day making use of it to connect in to Conwy systems remotely.

We have licensing to support up to 1000 users concurrently accessing systems using NetScaler. This can be further expanded where exceptional circumstances may lead to greater demand to work remotely.

Please bear in mind performance once connected to Conwy’s systems is unlikely to be as fast as it would normally be from the main Council offices. It is also reliant on the speed of your home internet link and we would typically recommend that users should work from a Superfast broadband link.

To maximise access to the licenses for everybody and ensure your connection isn’t temporarily locked, you should Logoff from the gateway when taking any lunch or breaks from work.

As an added measure to ensure sessions are not tied up by users needlessly, NetScaler sessions will automatically log a user out after 35 minutes of inactivity at the keyboard / mouse or if you have been connected continually for longer than 8 hours. You will need to log back in if automatically disconnected.

I’ve logged on to Netscaler, but my Skype and Outlook won’t connect and my s:\ drive isn’t working

A small number of machines have had problems updating their policies for NetScaler. Please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

IT Service Desk
Phone: 01492 576033, internal on extension 6033

I’ve tried logging on, but after putting in my details the icon just spins without connecting

It’s likely a mistake was made when you first created the connection details. You can create a new connection (with the correct details) by following these instructions: Editing NetScaler Gateway Connections (Word)

When I log on I get a white page telling me I need to install a Java or JRE plugin. I’ve tried rebooting but it keeps happening

Sometimes you will be asked to choose a certificate before you can connect. NetScaler remembers the certificate you choose for a few weeks. If you choose the wrong certificate you get this error. Please follow these instructions Editing Netscaler Gateway Connections (Word) and remember to choose the certificate with your USERNAME in it.

I get kicked out quicker than the old RAG, particularly if I leave my laptop unattended for a while.

Unlike the old RAG offering, which used network traffic to detect inactive laptops and end their sessions, the new NetScaler Gateway uses keyboard and mouse activity. If you don’t use your keyboard or mouse for 65 minutes you will get disconnected. This is to avoid staff inadvertently reserving a license that could be used by someone else when they have a long break between work periods (eg a long lunch, or duty officers covering nights / weekends) but leave their laptop connected.

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