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Pwllycrochan Woods' Discovery Trail

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An information document has been designed to be an informative introduction to Pwllycrochan Woods Local Nature Reserve.

Themes included are:

  • Recent history of Pwllycrochan
  • Woodland habitat, food chains, wildlife, tree species
  • Seasonal changes in Pwllycrochan
  • Woodland management

Below you will find a map of how to get to Pwllycrochan Woods, and a map of the Discovery Trail itself.
There is a separate Discovery Trail document (a 4 page hand out type document) that is designed to be used on the trail itself.  The questions and activities are aimed primarily at 7-11 year olds.

The Teachers' Discovery Trail Guide Notes is an accompanying document that provides the answers and explanatory notes to the Discovery Trail activities.

There is a separate document, Health and Safety Information, which you may also find helpful.
Using the Background Information along with the Discovery Trail, Teachers' Discovery Trail Guide Notes and Health and Safety Information, you will be all set to successfully plan and lead your group independently. 
A pre-visit is recommended to familiarise yourself with the site and the promoted Discovery Trail.  Follow the blackbird discs.

The Countryside Code

Map of Discovery Trail

Health and Safety Information

Discovery Trail

Teachers Discovery Trail Guide Notes

Trail Detective Sheet

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