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Replacement Local Development Plan

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We use the Local Development Plan (LDP) to guide how we use land in Conwy (not including land in the National Park). We also use it for deciding planning applications.
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Update December 2023

A new Plan

The Council adopted the current Plan in October 2013. We carried out a full review of the Plan and are now working on a new one, which we call the Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP).

The Council must follow 8 steps when we write our new Plan:

  • Stage 1 – Review Report (complete)

    • We looked at the LDP Review Report. It helped us understand what’s working well and what needs to change.

  • Stage 2 – Delivery Agreement (complete)

    • We set up the Delivery Agreement and timetable. The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed how and where we live, and the ways that we work and travel. To make sure that the Plan is right, Welsh Government asked us to review the work so far before we write the Deposit Plan. This change means that we need a new Delivery Agreement.

  • Stage 3 – Candidate Sites (complete)

    • We asked landowners, developers and others to suggest any sites we could use. 200 sites were sent in. We’ve looked at them all and rejected 170 of them. You can see them all on the map.

  • Stage 4 – Pre-deposit participation (complete)

    • We listened to communities, developers and others to find out their views of how to use land.

  • Stage 5 – Preferred Strategy (complete)

    • This sets the Councils plans and its growth levels. We consulted with you on this in 2019.

  • Stage 6 – Deposit Plan (working on now)

    • We will write the final plan and will check it with the public before sending it to the Welsh Government. We hope this will be in 2024.

  • Stage 7 – Submission and Examination

    • An Inspector will examine the submitted plan at public meetings. After this, the Inspector writes a report on our plan.

  • Stage 8 – Adoption

    • Conwy County Borough Council adopt the plan based on the inspector’s report.

We look at evidence when we write the Plan. You can read this on our evidence base and topic papers page.

Next steps

A lot has changed since 2019. New homes have been built and more have planning permission. We are now suggesting fewer new homes for the Strategic Site allocations from the Preferred Strategy (stage 4):

  • Cae’r Ffynnon, Llanfairfechan

    • 400 houses in the Preferred Strategy
    • 100-150 houses now suggested

  • Llanrhos

    • 250 houses in the Preferred Strategy
    • 100-150 houses now suggested

  • Peulwys Farm, Old Colwyn

    • 450 houses in the Preferred Strategy
    • 200-300 houses now suggested

  • Penloyn, Llanrwst

    • 200 houses in the Preferred Strategy
    • 80-120 houses now suggested

We don’t think that the Abergele Strategic employment site will be built before 2033 and have had to find a new site to replace it: Llanddulas Quarry, for employment land and waste transfer facilities.

We are looking at more information on the sites and how many new homes and land for new jobs over the next few months. This means that the number of new homes and how much land we need could change.

We wanted to know what you think about these sites before we write the policies. Planning Aid Wales (PAW) have held Placemaking workshops for us. Some haven’t taken place yet and you can still send your comments to PAW. They have also produced this useful FAQ document.

The Officers are using the information from this extra stage. If you want to object to the site in any way and want this to be seen by Welsh Government, and recorded officially, please get involved in the public consultation on the Deposit Plan in 2024.

If you want us to contact you to tell you can get involved with the public consultation on the Deposit Plan, please send us your name, postal address and email address to

The Council have to approve the Deposit Plan before going out to consultation.

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