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Stage 4 - Pre-Deposit Participation

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We consulted on the priority issues facing Conwy, including housing, jobs and tourism between 14th December 2018 and 25th January 2019
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The consultation took place between 14 December 2018 and 25 January 2019.

These are the two papers which we consulted on as part of the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP):

  • Consultation Paper 1 (PDF, 1.46MB) - This outlines the priority issues facing Conwy and suggests a vision and objectives for the Replacement Local Development Plan.
  • Consultation Paper 2 (PDF, 8.11Mb) - This outlines the strategic growth level (how many houses we will need and the number of jobs  we will provide for), the settlement hierarchy (how we assess towns and villages in terms of facilities and services, size and population) and the spatial distribution (where we put the housing and jobs.)

We have gathered the current evidence base and written a set of Topic Papers which you can read here.

This video explains the process of writing the Replacement Local Development Plan.

Video Transcript
 (PDF, 6Kb)

Consultation results

We received a total of 124 comments on the two consultation papers. You can view these comments on the consultation system or in these documents:

Consultation Paper 1 - Representation Report

Consultation Paper 2 - Representation Report

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