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We are the largest employer in the county, employing over 5,200 employees who work in a variety of job roles… we have over 500 different roles!

We have employees working out in our community and others working in our offices all providing services to our County which has over 115,000 citizens. We have employees who have permanent, casual or fixed term contracts and employees who are working on fixed hours, a rota or flexi time.

We are a diverse organisation working in a number of ways.

 innovativeOur Hybrid Way of Working

We have developed a framework for hybrid working for most office based roles, where staff are able to work from home and attend the office (or other hub location) for meetings, collaborative working and team activities. This way of working will reduce commuting time, reduce carbon emission, improve work/life balance and increase opportunities for those with caring responsibilities.

If you are office based and your job allows we encourage you to work flexibly whilst continuing to maintain high standards of service delivery. Each section/team within a service will complete a Team Agreement to ensure that there is full understanding and cooperation from all employees with regards to service delivery, communications and availability expectations.

If you are not in an office based role then your manager will discuss your working arrangements with you.

We do advise that you carry with you your own mug, tea, coffee etc when you are working in the office. No food other than snacks can be eaten at your desk. Where a staff lounge or breakout area is available, sandwiches, hot food etc must be eaten in one of these locations. Good hygiene must be adhered to and staff are responsible for cleaning their own workstation.


teamOur Flexi Time System

If you are on flexi time you will need to adhere to the Flexi Time Policy. Our time recording system is called Vision Time and you will receive a Vision Time badge to stick on the back of your ID card on your first day. This will enable you to clock in and out and record your working time on the Vision Time terminals which are situated near the entrances in each of our buildings.


fairOur Corporate Employment Policies, Procedures & Guidance

We have a range of employment policies, procedures and guidance documents to support you and your employment with us. All of these will be shared with you during your probationary period and they can be accessed via the link below, they are broken down into sub categories. Please note this link will not be accessible until you have been set up with a payroll number and have iTrent access. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with all of our policies.

Employment policies, procedures & guidance (for staff and managers)


Conwy Logo - 6Our Green Dragon and Climate Change Programme

A climate emergency declaration was made in 2019 with the commitment to becoming a net zero carbon council by 2030. Conwy’s Environmental Policy makes a commitment ‘to ensuring that the county continues to be a lively, viable and sustainable home for our children and future generations.’

The Climate Challenge Programme has been set up to deliver Conwy’s decarbonisation plan.

Conwy CBC are certified to Level 5 of the Green Dragon Environmental Standard, which demonstrates our commitment to excellent environmental management and that we consider our impact on the environment as part of our working culture.

Everyone has a part to play in helping achieve the goal of becoming a net zero carbon council whether it’s by:

  • Walking, cycling or choosing a low carbon transport option for commuting to work
  • Holding a virtual meeting instead of arranging a face to face meeting
  • Using a pool car instead of your own car when travelling in work
  • Identifying areas of your service where changes can be made to reduce carbon emissions
  • Being energy conscious when working from the office or depot, by switching lights off, only boiling the water you need in the kettle and turning down the heating
  • Reducing your waste by reusing and recycling as much as possible


cultureA Bi-lingual Workplace

We are a bi-lingual authority and the Welsh language isn’t treated any less favourable than the English language. We are proud of the Welsh Culture of the area. Many of our residents speak Welsh and many of our employees speak Welsh too. 

We are committed to promoting Welsh in the workplace. This not only ensures that our buildings are bi-lingual locations, which provides the opportunity for employees to use their Welsh language skills, but also, it facilitates offering a bilingual provision to our customer. All employees must comply with the Welsh Language Standards.


safeProtecting our Data

The council makes a great deal of use of personal information in all its areas of work, and therefore it is important that it adheres strictly to legislation.

We have e-Learning modules; General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 and Cyber Security Awareness (IT users only) that tell you all about protecting data and working securely. You are required to complete these as part of your probationary period and the learning is to be renewed every 2 years.

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