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Welsh Education

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Information about Welsh education in Conwy County
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In Conwy County, we want all our pupils to develop their Welsh and English language skills so that they can use both languages within the family, in the communities and in the workplace.

The Journey

You can find out more using the links below.


Before school age

There are many different groups, organisations and activities where your child can play and learn in Welsh. All organisations welcome parents who do not speak Welsh but wish their child a Welsh-medium education. For more information to give your child the opportunity to play, learn and grow through the medium of Welsh please use the links below:

Primary Schools

Welsh-medium education provision is accessible to every child in every area of Conwy County.

Your child's school will fall into one of three categories. Read more here about Welsh-medium education provision.

Conwy County's primary schools implement Siarter Iaith and Siarter Iaith (Cymraeg Campus). The Siarter Iaith aims to offer children more opportunities to use Welsh socially. For a person to be truly bilingual, experts recognise that a minority language such as Welsh needs to be used in all aspects of life. Read more here about the Siarter Iaith.

Secondary Schools

There is Welsh-medium Education provision within a reasonable distance for every child in every area of Conwy County.

Your child's school will fall into one of three categories. Read more here about Welsh-medium education provision.

Immersion Education

Any child who is fluently bilingual in primary school can follow a smooth route into Welsh-medium education in secondary school.

Teachers' research and experience in several countries show that immersion in a second language is a very effective method of language learning. Conwy County provides intensive and late immersion programs that help our pupils’ access Welsh-medium education.

  • Canolfan Iaith Conwy - A centre for children aged 7-11 latecomers to the authority's Welsh-medium schools. For more information, follow the link below.
  • Cynllun Trochi Creuddyn (Linguistic Immersion Scheme) - a scheme for pupils who follow Welsh in English-medium primary schools/streams and want to transfer to Welsh-medium secondary education.
  • Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy immersion support - support for pupils who are latecomers to Welsh-medium education or who follow Welsh in an English-medium school and want to transfer to Welsh-medium secondary education

For more information, contact the secondary schools.

Canolfan Iaith Conwy

Further and Higher Education

There are opportunities to study bilingually or through the medium of Welsh on the further education courses, higher education and the apprenticeships, which will help as they enter the world of work.

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