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What items can't I take to a Household Recycling Centre?

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Most household waste can be taken to the Household Recycling Centres, but there are some items we cannot accept.
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Almost all the waste an average household produces in the course of day-to-day living can be taken to a Household Recycling Centre. But there are some items that the Council cannot accept, either because we are not equipped to deal with them or because it would be unlawful for us to accept them.

These items will not be accepted at Household Recycling Centres under any circumstances:

ItemAdditional information
Infectious clinical waste (such as sharps,dressings or colostomy bags ) Speak to your local GP, pharmacy or community nurse for help with disposing of infectious clinical waste

Petrol and Diesel

You will need to contact a local fuel disposal specialist to dispose of petrol or diesel 
Ammunition You can surrender ammunition at your local police station, through a registered firearms dealer or to another authorised firearm certificate holder.

You must not dispose of it yourself.
Fireworks and marine flares Where possible, follow the manufacturer’s guidance for disposal.

Used fireworks only can be thoroughly soaked in water, bagged and
placed in your refuse bin. It is illegal to dispose of unused fireworks or flares in this way.
Explosive materials See the guidance above on fireworks and ammunition.
Medicine Medicines and associated products should be disposed of at your local GP surgery or pharmacy
Animal carcasses We do not accept domestic pets or wildlife carcasses at the Household Recycling Centres. Contact your nearest veterinary surgery for advice.
Invasive plant species

Includes: Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Common Ragwort.

See guidance from Natural Resources Wales for dealing with invasive weeds.

Commercial Fridges/Freezers If you have a large commercial-type fridge/freezer you will need to contact a specialist company to remove it.

Trade Waste

The Household Recycling Centres are for residents of Conwy County only. It is unlawful to use a Household Recycling Centre to dispose of trade waste. Conwy County Borough Council will take action against anybody it finds using the Household Recycling Centres to dispose of their trade waste.

IMPORTANT: Our site staff reserve the right to refuse you entry if you are
  • trying to dispose of banned waste items,
  • suspected of bringing trade waste,
  • abusing site rules

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