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What items must I pay to dispose of at Household Recycling Centres?

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You can recycle most items free of charge at Household Recycling Centres, but you must pay to dispose of some items. You can take these items to Household Recycling Centres for a small charge.
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See this information about recycling centres in British Sign Language (BSL) here.

All charges are valid for the current financial year.

A bag is equivalent to a standard small, plastic sand or aggregate bag from DIY stores, that can be safely lifted by one person. A part-filled bag counts as one bag.

A trailer load is based on a 1.8m x 1.25m x 0.5m trailer.

Unbagged or loose waste will be charged at the bag rate, based on 20kg per bag for rubble, and 20kg per bag for wood. For example, a 40kg load of wood will be charged as two bags.

Rubble and soil

£2.20 per bag (up to 20kg)
£22.00 per trailer

Includes items such as: breeze blocks, bricks, ceramics, tiles, flagstones, gravel, slate, soil, stones and tarmac.

Up to 20kg free of charge

Plasterboard £4.40 per bag
£33.00 per trailer

Plasterboard should be dry, and not mixed with other materials.
Wood and timber

£4.40 per bag (up to 20kg)
£33.00 per trailer load

DIY or construction wood includes: fitted furniture, doors and kitchen cabinets; fences, sheds, flooring and decking.

Larger wooden items such as fence panels and pallets will be charged at the bag rate.

Up to 5kg free of charge

Asbestos £13.75 per bag or sheet

Bonded asbestos only. Asbestos must be double-bagged.
We cannot accept large sheets or large quantities of asbestos. You should contact a specialist waste contractor to dispose of this.

£4.00 per tyre
Car and motorcycle tyres only, no tyres from commercial vehicles.

Bicycle tyres free of charge. 

Gas bottles Up to 10kg - £6.00 each
11kg-20kg - £11.00 each
20kg + - £35.00 each
Completely empty gas bottles
Plastic window frames

£3.00 each
With or without glass. Single-pane windows only. Multiple-pane windows are charged as 2 items.

Plastic door or door frames £3.00 each
With or without glass. Single doors or door-frames only. Double doors will be charged as 2 items.
Bathroom or sanitary appliances £3.00 each
Includes items such as baths, shower trays, toilets, bidets, basins/sinks, shower screens and vanity units.
Insulation material £3.00 per bag
Products such as mineral wool and fibreglass insulation 
Roofing felt

£3.00 per bag
Shed and garage roofing felt

Plastic downpipe, guttering or fascia £3.00 up to 5 pieces
£6.00 up to 10 pieces

Why are there charges for this waste?

DIY and construction waste from works or improvements at your home is classified as industrial waste, not household waste (waste created in the day to day running of your household). Council tax only covers the cost of collecting, recycling and disposing of household waste.

The Council is not required to accept DIY and construction materials for disposal. Because we understand that residents do sometimes create this type of waste, we do accept it at our Household Recycling Centres, with a small charge to cover the costs of handling and disposal. The charges are not designed to make a profit and have been kept as low as possible for everyone.

How do I pay?

Please use the card payment machines at the sites.

  • Select the type and quantity of your waste
  • Pay the required amount
  • Take your receipt
  • Show your receipt to site staff before you dispose of your waste

If you cannot pay, we will ask you to leave the site with your DIY waste and return with payment. You will be able to dispose of any household waste free of charge.

IMPORTANT: Our site staff reserve the right to refuse entry if you are
. trying to deposit excessive amounts of accepted waste (free of charge or otherwise),
. suspected of disposing of trade waste
. abusing site rules.

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