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Book an appointment for the Mobile Recycling Centre

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Visits to the Mobile Recycling Centres are by appointment only. Please book your appointment.
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Book your appointment

You need to book an appointment to visit the recycling centre

This is so we can keep you and the centre staff safe and keep to social distancing guidelines. The Centres are for residents of Conwy county only - you may be asked for proof of address when you arrive at the site.

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions before you book an appointment, so you know what you can bring, and what to expect before you go.

How do I book a slot at the Mobile Recycling Centre?

The easiest way to book an appointment is using the booking form on our website – use the buttons at the bottom of this page to choose which centre you want to visit. If you don’t have internet access, you can ring our Advice Team on 01492 575337.

Why do I have to make an appointment?

It is very important that we protect staff and visitors to the Mobile Recycling Centres. We are using this appointment system to help people keep the correct social distance, which means there are only a limited number of appointments available each day.

Do I need to use the same vehicle that I booked the appointment for?

Yes – we will check your registration number against the booking.

What happens if I can’t make my appointment?

If you know in advance that you can’t make your appointment, please let us know so that someone can use this time.

Can I bring extra items that I didn’t list when I booked?

Yes - we’re asking for information on the main items you are bringing to help us manage the site.

What will happen when I get to the Recycling Centre?

  • Please arrive as close to your time slot as possible, to avoid queues.
  • Stay in your car with your windows up until staff direct you to drive into the centre.
  • You will then have 10 minutes for your visit to the site. Please make sure you finish unloading your waste within this time.
  • Only one person will be allowed out of the car - please only bring items you can carry, staff are not able to help.
  • Wear appropriate clothing such as gloves or boots if you are handling sharp or heavy objects
  • We strongly recommend you sort your waste before you come, to make sure you can unload within your 10 minute slot.
  • Please keep at least 2m (6 feet) away from all other users of the site.

If you do not respect social distancing or are abusive to staff at the site, you will be asked to leave and the Police may be called. 

Can the Centre staff help me to unload my vehicle?

No. To keep you and the staff on site safe, we will be keeping to social distancing. This means staff will not be able to help you unload. One person will be allowed out of the car - please only bring items you can carry.

Do I need to sort my household rubbish and separate out the recycling?

Yes, please do this before you come. You should separate out glass, plastic bottles and tubs, cartons, tin cans and paper and card.

What should I do with waste if I’ve been self-isolating?

If your household is currently self-isolating because someone has viral symptoms, you must not come to the site. If you have just finished self-isolating, please make sure that household waste has been double-bagged and left for at least 72 hours before you bring it to the site. 

What can’t I bring?

We cannot accept DIY or construction waste such as rubble, windows, doors, soil, wood or plasterboard. You will need to take these items to the Household Recycling Centres

Why can’t I bring a trailer or van to the Mobile Recycling Centre? It’s a personal vehicle, not a trade vehicle.

If you have a permit for your van, you will be allowed to book an appointment. You can apply for a permit on our website.

We have limited space at the Mobile Recycling Centre – we are not allowing loads in trailers because these tend to take more time to offload, meaning fewer appointments would be available.

How are you protecting the staff at the Mobile Recycling Centre?

All staff will comply with social distancing guidelines on site, and have PPE to allow them to carry out their duties safely. Please help us to keep them safe by keeping your distance 2m (6 feet) away.

Why do I need to give my telephone number when I book?

Welsh Government Coronavirus regulations require us to keep records of visitors and staff on site, and collect contact information from each visitor. We will keep this information for 21 days and share it with NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect service if requested, to help identify people who may have been exposed to the virus.

You will not be able to book an appointment if you don’t provide this information.

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