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Early Years Activities Pack

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Welcome to a pack full of ideas on things to do with pre-school children.

There are three sections, which include pictures, instructions and top tips:

Learn through play

In the kitchen
Time to talk (including nursery rhymes)

You can use this pack as a parent or a childcare setting.

Click on the PDF documents for the activities and information. You can look at them online, or print them out. Your local library and Family Centre has printed copies of this pack if you would prefer to borrow them.

Introduction (PDF)

Learn Through Play
This section is full of fun activities to do with children to encourage them to learn through play.

Activity Box (PDF) 

Blowing Games (PDF)

Box Cars (PDF)

Build with Blocks (PDF)

Car Art (PDF)

Cardboard Kitchen (PDF)

Clipping Pegs (PDF)

Colour Sorting (PDF)

Colour Sorting Chicks (PDF)

Coloured Paper Lollies (PDF)

Create a Collage (PDF)

Draw Me (PDF)

Easter Twig Tree (PDF)

Eggy Number Puzzles (PDF)

Fishing (PDF)

Frozen Hands (PDF)

Gadget Board (PDF)

Grow Your Own (PDF)

Handprint Bunnies (PDF)

Helping to Make Lunch (PDF)

Helping with Household Jobs (PDF)

Homemade Paintbrushes (PDF)

Homemade Puzzle (PDF)

Kitchen Treasure Hunt (PDF)

Make your own Playdough (PDF)

Making Music (PDF)

Marshmallow Structures (PDF)

Melted Crayon Pebbles (PDF)

Modelling Clay Fish (PDF)

Modelling Clay Monsters (PDF)

Modelling Clay Snails (PDF)

Old Style Phones (PDF)

Os and Xs (PDF)

Playdough Games (PDF)

Playing Together (PDF)

Potato Stamps (PDF)

Pouring Water (PDF)

Rabbit Roll (PDF)

Rolling a Ball (PDF)

Scoop the Ball (PDF)

Secret Writing (PDF)

Sensory Bottles (PDF)

Sensory Trail (PDF)

Small World Creations (PDF)

Sorting Socks (PDF)

Tea Party (PDF)

Teddy Maze (PDF)

Threading Pasta (PDF)

Toilet Roll Phones (PDF)

Toilet Roll Printing (PDF)

Topic Box (PDF)

Washing Up (PDF)

Water Play - Floating and Sinking (PDF)

Water Play - Shells (PDF)

Weighing and Balancing (PDF)

Working from Home (PDF)

In the KitchenActivity_Cake
Try out some of these delicious recipes – we’ve kept them simple so you can do them with your little one. 

Apple Crumble Sundae

Banana Bread (PDF)

Blueberry  & Orange Tray Bake (PDF)

Chicken & Bean Enchiladas (PDF)

Chicken Jambalaya (PDF)

Easter Baskets (PDF)

Easy Mac & Cheese (PDF)

Easy Pizza (PDF)

Eton Mess (PDF)

Frittata (PDF)

Frozen Banana Pops

Fruit Fluff (PDF)

Fruit Salad with Lime & Mint Dressing (PDF)

Homemade Burgers (PDF)

Ice Lollies (PDF)

Leek & Potato Soup (PDF)

Pineapple Ice Cream (PDF)

Pork & Apple Burgers (PDF)

Quesadilla (PDF)

Quick Banana Ice Cream (PDF)

Quick Peach Melba Crumble (PDF)

Quick Quiche (PDF)

Quick Sausage Bolognese (PDF)

Rice Crispy Treats (PDF)

Roasted Tomato Soup (PDF)

Sausage & Leek Mash Pie (PDF)

Scotch Pancakes with Fruit Coulis (PDF)

Simple Stir Fry (PDF)

Spaghetti Carbonara (PDF)

Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Bake (PDF)

Watermelon Pizza (PDF)

Time to talkActivity_Speech_Therapy

These activities and nursery rhymes help you to support your children to develop their language and communication. 

Face to Face

Let's Look at a Book (PDF)

Let's Play (PDF)

Listen to Me - Draw a Simple Picture (PDF)

Listen to Me - Make a Pretend Phone (PDF)

Listen to Me - Teddy Bears Circle (PDF)

Listen to Me (PDF)

Playing Peekaboo (PDF)

Reading (PDF)

Talk Talk Talk (PDF)

Talk to Me - Bubbles (PDF)

Talk to Me - Looking at Photographs (PDF)

Talk to Me - Sock Puppet (PDF)

Nursery Rhymes:

Five Currant Buns (PDF)

Five Little Speckled Frogs (PDF)

Humpty Dumpty (PDF)

Incy Wincy Spider (PDF)

Mr Hapus (PDF)

Polly Put The Kettle On (PDF)

Row Row Row Your Boat (PDF)

Twinkle Twinkle (PDF)

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